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On API Management for App Development

I took a 1-day free workshop from Apigee couple of years ago on HTML5, jQuery, PhoneGap and Native iOS and this was my first time hearing about Apigee.  I am surprised how far spread it has become.  It’s now a publicly traded company at NASDAQ (I’m debating whether I should get their shares or not).  The free resources for developers are what drew me in.  To be honest, I have not touched the technology after the training and now I’m doing research on what I can use for my personal app development.  I came across this eBook from Apigee on The Definitive Guide to API Management and this particular summarizes on where IT departments should be headed n the future:

The data from our survey empirically shows that those companies with IT departments described as outside-in and leveraged cloud resources, engaged external partners, and embraced the strategic value of external resources are the enterprises that managed to outpace everyone in terms of app development. These companies have managed to fundamentally shift how they adopt new technology, and created a flexible system that will enable them to scale and shift as new technology demands. This research suggests that, if the rest of the companies do not shift accordingly, they will fall further behind with every wave of new technology.

At my company, we are not far behind.  Since 2013, a team of developers has brought in the first cloud-based mobile payments solution in Canada.  Now, I don’t know exactly what we using in terms of the technology but this article definitely opened my curiosity.

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