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Fixing Juno Pulse (VPN connectivity for Mac OS X El Capitan version 10.11)

This is a recent issue that is common for those who have recently upgraded to a beta version 2+ of El Capitan.  With El Capitan beta 2, Junos Pulse is broken. The connection settings disappear and when I try connecting, it says “Failed to connect to the Juniper Unified Network Service”.  Without Junos Pulse, I cannot connect to our internal systems to grab the source code.

The solution/workaround that works for me came from this site.  Here are the steps with screenshots.

Go to this site to grab the RSA Cross Root Intermediate CA Certificate:

Copy and paste the certificate into a text file and save it with .p12 extension

You should find the certificate below: 


Open your Keychain Access Click on System File —> Import Items… Select the certificate that you downloaded and click Open 


Enter your root credential
The certificate will be added as follows: 


Double click on it and expand Trust
Under When using this certificate, change to Always Trust 


Enter your root credential once more.
Juno Pulse should now work.

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