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A New Appreciation

Yesterday, I got a ticket that I created an initial solution when I first joined the company a year ago.  It was a defect where animated options that appear from the bottom of the screen once the user taps on a button but when the user rotates the iPad, the animation/view gets distorted.  My solution from a year ago was to dismiss the animated options after detecting rotation.  This was the easiest solution that was best for me but we put the defect on hold since the number of users affected were small and the product owner was not satisfied with the solution.  A better solution was to show the options again after the screen rotation completes.  I thought it was too much effort since it requires some code refactoring; honestly, I was only thinking what was best for me.

So yesterday, I got a chance to work on the same ticket and didn’t take too long to figure out how to implement the better solution.  This is how I know I’m growing my iOS development skills.  Not only that but as a user of the application, I would have appreciated that the app was more user-friendly instead of making me work harder.

Today the results also came back from our internal company’s hackathon called dagathon.  The goal was to increase the most sales/orders purchased via our mobile app and my team won!  We were competing against 34 teams or 24 teams that were able to launch their experiments into production.  Of those 24 teams, only 5 experiments were winners and ours performed the best!  The team was composed of one iOS developer, one designer, and one product owner.  Vasu, the product owner, came up with the idea, Corey designed the feature and made it look good, and I made it happen.  Great team work overall!  It was my first time working with the team members and looking forward to making more features together in the near future.  

My iOS skills and being an individual contributor while making a big impact has made me a happier person today.  I love doing what I’m doing now and will continue doing so.


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