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Moving to New York City

It has been a month since I have started living in New York City.  I moved to the city from Toronto, Canada after landing a job with GRUBHUB, a food ordering business in Times Square area.  I get to finally hone my iOS native skills even further instead of hacking away in the evenings or weekends after work.  I am more happy getting paid to do something I love learning. Why New York City? This is the place that my partner and I first travelled together and enjoyed the food and Broadway shows.  It is also one of our top cities to live among Toronto and San Francisco.  Living in NYC is an exciting adventure and a bit stressful adjusting to a new city.  It hit me that I was no longer in NYC for vacation.  The last time that I had to adjust to a new country or city was when I first moved to Canada approximately 8 years ago.  I felt a sense of big relief and this time it feels different.  It is not easy being away from my partner for some time.  Fortunately, I have the support of my partner, family and friends to pursue this new adventure.  Some of my friends from Canada have done this and survived.  They have been kind to share the information with me in terms of visa process, house hunting, offering me money, and more.  So through my blog, I will be creating a series to help Canadians who are interested in coming to work in the U.S.  I am also getting questions from friends in Toronto to learn about moving to the states to work.  Because other friends have helped me in the process, I will share some of my experiences and hope to help others in the process.

Finding the Job

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