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Documenting my First Bike Experience in the City

I am waiting to board the flight to my first #WWDC Apple Conference in San Francisco.  I wanted to find a way to document my experiences so I can bring it back to my colleagues at work.  The image above is not relevant to the trip but it’s my first attempt to document my experience.  

Yesterday morning, I went on an early bike ride with my partner to help her train for the conquer ride to cancer.  Both of us never have ridden on the city streets so we were very newbies and we felt very nervous before we started.  I was even more nervous because I borrowed my friend’s road bike and it was my first time riding it.

  1. We started together near Queen East and Broadview
  2. After several blocks or so, the captain of the group asked me to switch my gears higher since he noticed I was pedalling fast but going nowhere.  I was the last one.  I did not want to fall behind so much so I tried catching and failed miserably.  He asked me to quit because otherwise it will take us 5 hours to complete the 50km ride.  Unwillingly, I abided and headed back to my destination.
  3. On the way back, I decided to take the bicycle back home rather than use the public transit.  My sense of direction failed me.  I headed the wrong way.  So I had to turn around.
  4. This time I felt very happy that I started seeing the tall buildings in downtown Toronto.  This was how I noticed that I was going towards the right direction finally.  Then all of a sudden I remembered leaving my bicycle lock at the starting position so it doesn’t hinder me during the ride.  I head to head back to get it.
  5. I rode pass the starting point and then I noticed that I was close to my friend’s place.  I wanted to try my luck to see if anyone was home. I was so ready to return the bicycle.  But no one was home.  
  6. Finally I was back to where I started.  Not too long after, my partner was requested to quit the ride too.  I was happy to see her and we went home together on our bicycles.

Feeling proud and happy that we braved the streets, we went home to rest.

My WWDC 2015 Experiences